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This course is designed to develop & enhance the knowledge, skills, & attitudes of a Computer Systems Service Technician, in accordance with industry standards. It covers the basic and common competencies in addition to the core competencies such as to Install and Configure Computers Systems, Set-Up Computer Networks, Set-Up Computer Servers and Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Networks.

The course introduces the learners to basic understanding of media and information as channels of communication and tools for the development of individuals and societies. It also aims to develop students to be creative and critical thinkers as well as responsible users and competent producers of media and information.

The common tools, technologies, and procedures utilized in the tourism and hospitality industries are introduced in this course. Its design focuses primarily on the learner's capacity to identify, assess, and integrate business technology in order to provide value, address current issues, and develop competences in the tourist industry's increasingly tech-driven business environment. The learner must be familiar with the technological underpinnings of how online marketing and e-commerce operate. The student should be able to put into practice a successful e-commerce strategy for their tourism industry.